How to order?

How to place an order?

So, you have selected an item.

If you are on the page with a list of items, using the "-" and "+" buttons, choose the desired quantity. The item will be automatically added to the cart;

If you are on the page with a detailed description of the item, using the "-" and "+" buttons, choose the desired quantity. Add it to the cart by clicking the "To the cart" button. The item will be added to the cart.

You can add as many items to the cart as you need. If you need to remove an item from the cart or change the quantity of items, you can check the contents of your cart at any time and make the necessary changes. Also, you can completely empty the cart and start filling it again. When you decide that your order is fully assembled, simply press the "Place an order" button.

Next, you will be redirected to the checkout page, where you need to fill in your contact information, choose the delivery and payment method. Once all the necessary information is filled in, click the "Send order" button at the bottom of the screen.

That completes the order process. Shortly, you will receive a confirmation to your email address. If necessary, we will contact you by phone.

If you encounter difficulties with placing an order, please contact us by phone at 27220717 or by email at, we will happily assist you.

You can find information about payment methods in the "Payments" section.

You can find information about delivery methods in the "Delivery" section.

IMPORTANT! prices are valid only for online orders. online store prices may vary from Pet Elite offline store prices.

Ordered goods can be received only after informs that the order is ready for pickup.

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